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My name actually is Lini. A lot of people ask me whether it's my real one or a nickname - which I understand because Lini is a weird name to be on a pass. What so ever, I'm 14 and I don't think I'm anything special. I live in Germany but was born in the Netherlands and yes, I speak both. German and Dutch. I've been happily in a relationship with my boyfriend for two and a half years and I can't say enough that Helena is my best friend until my lungs stop consuming oxygen and my heart stops pumping blood. I'm a sad person and if you'd just talk to me that'd make me very happy.

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee
Now most nights
I'm just sinking down
Hello there, my name is Lini. I watch the stars at night and get called a freak a lot. I owe my life to a adorable guy named Noah and my best friend Helena. I also love bands and sleep and I don't really like myself.


i didn’t watermark this one bc it lost its quality when it was so please don’t delete the caption or change the source!
she was holding it for me. 
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as soon as i posted this i got terminated, pretty sure it was a sign. lololol

my face is so round omgig: kettlec0rn


my tumblr book is pwetty


never tried this c:

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Me and my friend’s phone cases that Zara got us cuz she the bae 

anstruther has the best chips. i had them with curry sauce too and oh my god it was amaazing.
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flippy hurr

tbfh i love my hair ((:
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self harm is not romantic. it is not tragically beautiful. it is not pretty. it is not fun. it is not trendy. stop treating it like it is. do scars make a person ugly? no. but whats ugly is the way people act like self harm and the act of self harming is deep, beautiful, and cool. self harm is not deep or beautiful or cool. its sad and an awful thing. hurting yourself isnt trendy. if you self harm, youre better than that. youre better than everything that is bringing you down. this isnt a post saying that people who self harm or ugly or anything like that. this is a post that is reminding everyone to stop romanticizing self harm, along with mental disorders and suicide and eating disorders. theyre not romantic or trendy or shit like that okay so stop trying to them those things.
inspired by this post, im not sure what the original is but i think its a strong message more people should listen to.

This is perfect.

you deserve a fucking award everybody needs to see this